Started on May 28, 2020

This Italian language course takes you through all the most important Italian verbs and verb conjugations in a fun and seamless way.

Disclaimer: This may sound boring 🙂 We first selected the 150 most commonly used Italian verbs, based on both written and spoken Italian language. For each 150 verbs, we then selected the most commonly used conjugations – i.e. ho, hai, ha etc. for the verb avere.

We then wrote a number of sentences in Italian for each of the selected conjugations for each of the selected verbs. The more common a verb/conjugation is, the more sentences we wrote for it, amounting to a total of 1500 Italian sentences.

These Italian sentences where then translated into English, and both the Italian and English sentences where then recorded as audio.


Most common verbs
are practiced the most.

The 1500 sentences are structured in a way, so the more popular verbs are practiced the most. That also means, that the more common a verb is, the more tenses and conjugations are practiced for that verb during the course.

The Italian Audio Course is actually an Italian verbs course – for each Italian sentence that is practised throughout the course, one specific verb and verb conjugation is practiced. Sure, there are several other verbs included in the course – but at the center of each sentence is one of the top 150 Italian verbs, and one of the top conjugations for that verb.

Everything is written out in the course, so you can easily follow what verb, tense, and conjugation is being practiced at any given time.



The course contains

  • 15 video lessons for visual learners with more than 3 hours of video.
  • 1500 Italian sentences plus English translations.
  • All material in both video, audio and text.
  • Audio lessons to listen in your car or on the run.
  • Teaches you the most useful tenses and conjugations.
  • New and innovative learning method.
  • Highly structured path to mastery.

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