Top 100 Italian Adverbs

The table below contains the 100 most common Italian adverbs.

If you are enjoying an excellent Italian pizza, you cannot just say that you are eating it: you may be eating it voraciously because it is so good!

You may always need an adverb to add a pinch of salt to your conversations, especially when speaking Italian, the most passionate language in the world.

While adjectives modify the meaning of a noun, adverbs are used to modify verbs. It is very easy to recognize them since they usually end in -ente (just as they tend to end in -ly in English).

Rules for using Italian Adverbs

As a general rule, adverbs always follow the verbs they are modifying. However, if the adverb acts as a “question word”, they need to be placed at the beginning of the sentence.

  • Andrea parla velocemente (Andrea speaks quickly);
  • Quando andiamo al cinema? (When are we going to the cinema?).

Sometimes, you just need to add -ente to the feminine form of ad adjective, to obtain your adverb.

  • Questa auto è lenta (This car is slow);
  • Marco guida lentamente (Marco is drowing slowly).

However, some words can only be used as adverbs. There is no list of all of them: all you can do is memorising what they are every time you find them in your grammar book.

  • Lucia cucina bene (Lucia cooks well);
  • La torta è dentro la scatola (The cake is inside the box).

Interrogative words can be used as adverbs as well.

  • Perchè non mangi la mia torta? (Why don’t you eat my cake?)


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Top 100 Italian Adverbs

Learning how to use adverbs is a crucial part of your journey through learning Italian. Here you will find an exhaustive list of the 100 most commonly used Italian adverbs. Try to study all of them, and this will be your secret to master Italian! If you want to learn more about how to use Italian adverbs, you can read our article!

Rank Italian word English translation
1 non not
2 più more
3 già already
4 così so
5 poi then
6 ancora still
7 quanto how much
8 qui here
9 molto much
10 meno less
11 dove where
12 cioè namely
13 prima before
14 dopo after
15 quasi almost
16 invece instead
17 mai never
18 tanto so much
19 come as
20 bene well
21 ora now
22 ci there
23 poco little
24 forse perhaps
25 proprio exactly
26 pure as well
27 assai very
28 oggi today
29 vi there
30 almeno at least
31 circa about
32 troppo too much
33 insieme together
34 oltre further
35 certo of course
36 fuori out, outside
37 meglio better
38 fino even
39 appunto exactly
40 piuttosto rather
41 ne from there
42 ormai by now
43 inoltre furthermore
44 appena as soon as, barely
45 no no
46 infine finally
47 intorno around
48 quindi then
49 direttamente directly
50 veramente really
51 certamente certainly
52 comunque anyway
53 particolarmente particularly
54 avanti forward
55 allora then
56 probabilmente probably
57 via away
58 presto soon
59 abbastanza enough
60 all’interno indoors, within
61 tardi late
62 facilmente easily
63 vicino close
64 fa ago
65 addirittura even
66 naturalmente of course
67 affatto at all
68 there
69 tutto all
70 completamente completely
71 finalmente finally
72 immediatamente immediately
73 esclusivamente exclusively
74 pertanto therefore
75 quando when
76 chiaramente clearly
77 nemmeno not even
78 ecco here
79 assolutamente absolutely
80 peraltro moreover
81 male badly
82 necessariamente necessarily
83 accanto near
84 altresì also
85 generalmente generally
86 davvero really
87 dietro behind
88 rispettivamente respectively
89 insomma in short
90 adesso now
91 evidentemente apparently
92 perfettamente perfectly
93 altrimenti otherwise
94 principalmente mainly
95 innanzi forward
96 altrove elsewhere
97 davanti in front
98 dentro inside
99 intanto in the meantime
100 essenzialmente essentially


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