Top 100 Italian Words

The table below contains the 100 most common Italian words

All clauses and sentences are made of different parts. These elements may consist of a single word or a group of words, and they are:

  • Subject (soggetto), the noun of the person or the thing that carry out the action introduced by the main verb;
  • Verb (verbo), that is an action, a conditions, or a state;
  • Object (oggetto), the person of the thing that is affected by the action of the verb;
  • Complement (complemento), that is a word or a group of words that introduce more elements about the sentence;
  • Avverbio (adverb), that provides more information about the verb and the action that it describes;
  • Preposition (preposizione), that expresses a relation between two of the other elements of the sentence.

Having a significant Italian vocabulary is not necessary enough to hold an everyday conversation with a native speaker. You need to know all the most common elements of Italian sentences, and how to use them. Only at this point, you will master the Italian language for real!

In the following list, you will find 100 of the most commonly used Italian words. There are verbs, adverbs, prepositions and of course nouns. By learning all of them, you will be able to form basic but effective sentences that you can use to communicate with your friends.

This is a very good starting point to study Italian and to enhance your dictionary!


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100 most common Italian words

Such as:

Rank Italian word Part of speech English translation
1 il, la, le det the
2 di prep of
3 e, ed conj and
4 essere verb to be
5 in prep in
6 che pron that
7 del contraction (di + il)
8 a, ad prep to
9 avere verb to have
10 della contraction (di + la)
11 per prep for
12 non adv not
13 un, una det a
14 potere verb can
15 con prep with
16 da prep by
17 dei contraction (di + i)
18 fare verb to make
19 al contraction (a + il)
20 dire verb to say
21 delle contraction (di + le)
22 più adv more
23 alla contraction (a + la)
24 o conj or
25 nella contraction (in + la)
26 ma conj but
27 anche conj also
28 venire verb to come
29 dal contraction (da + il)
30 cui pron which
31 gli det the, him
32 dovere verb to have to
33 come prep as
34 degli contraction (di + gli)
35 loro pron them
36 dare verb to give
37 dalla contraction (da + la)
38 ai contraction (a + i)
39 parte noun f part
40 andare verb to go
41 due num two
42 de noun de
43 questo, questa det this
44 alle contraction (a + le)
45 tra prep between
46 quale, quali pron which
47 vedere verb to see
48 nei contraction (in + i)
49 nelle contraction (in + le)
50 ogni det each
51 quello, quella pron that
52 parlare verb to talk
53 ne pron of it
54 già adv already
55 pensare verb to think
56 fra prep between
57 tempo noun m time
58 anno noun m year
59 così adv so
60 trovare verb to find
61 come conj as
62 poi adv then
63 modo noun m way
64 mi pron me
65 ottenere verb to get
66 ancora adv still
67 quando conj when
68 partire verb to leave
69 dello contraction (di + lo)
70 vita noun f life
71 lo pron the
72 tutti det all
73 quanto adv how much
74 ciò pron that
75 caso noun m case
76 mettere verb to put
77 dai contraction (da + i)
78 perché conj why
79 prendere verb to take
80 qui adv here
81 Roma noun f Rome
82 Italia noun f Italy
83 altro adj other
84 dalle contraction (da + le)
85 primo adj first
86 lavoro noun m work
87 vivere verb to live
88 molto adv much
89 questo pron this
90 col contraction (con + il)
91 lui pron him
92 meno adv less
93 contro prep against
94 egli pron he
95 ricordare verb to remember
96 qualche det some
97 grande adj big
98 passare verb to pass
99 agli contraction (a + gli)
100 dove adv where

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