Top 100 Italian Nouns

The table below contains the 100 most common Italian nouns. For each noun is also shown the gender (female or male) and an English translation.

common Italian nouns

Nouns are used to identify the subject of a sentence, which can be a thing, an animal, a person or even a plant. They are often viewed as the most basic part of the speech, since they can be used on their own and they do not need to be conjugated.

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Common and Proper Nouns

Common Nouns (nomi comuni) indicate people, animals, places and abstract ideas: ragazzo (kid), albero (tree), cane (dog), amore (love).

Proper Nouns (nomi propri) refer to specific beings or things, that are usually one of a kind: Napoli (Naples), Marco, Milano (Milan).

Gender and Number of Nouns

In Italian, common and proper nouns can be feminine or masculine, singular or plural. Although there are some exceptions, the following are the rules that Italian nouns usually follow:

  • Masculine nouns end with -o for singular, -i for plural (ragazzo – ragazzi);
  • Feminine nouns end with -a for singular, -e for plural (ragazza – ragazze);
  • There is a third category of gender-neutral nouns that end with -e for singular and -i for plural. They can either be masculine or feminine, according to the context of the sentence.

Top 100 Italian Nouns

To build a strong Italian vocabulary, you need to know different kinds of nouns. They can be used as a part of everyday conversations to describe your job, your favorite hobbies, the food you like to eat, or the clothes you wear.

Here you can find a comprehensive list of the top 100 most commonly used Italian nouns. This is the perfect opportunity to enhance your dictionary and to start learning Italian!

Rank Italian word m/f English translation
1 parte f part
2 tempo m time
3 anno m year
4 modo m way
5 vita f life
6 caso m case
7 Roma f Rome
8 Italia f Italy
9 lavoro m work
10 punto m point
11 volta f time
12 cosa f thing
13 mondo m world
14 città f city
15 Milano f Milan
16 forma f shape
17 fine m end
18 luogo m place
19 guerra f war
20 natura f nature
21 momento m moment
22 esempio m example
23 opera f work, opera
24 giorno m day
25 base f base
26 numero m number
27 anno m year
28 via f street
29 nome m name
30 uomo m man
31 rapporto m report, relationship
32 valore m value
33 attività f activity
34 realtà f reality
35 problema f problem
36 periodo m period
37 mezzo m means
38 cura f care
39 ordine m order
40 principio m principle, beginning
41 casa f house, home
42 ragione f reason
43 morte f death
44 forza f force
45 parola f word
46 tipo m type
47 carattere m character
48 Dio m God
49 governo m government
50 causa f cause
51 Firenze f Florence
52 libertà f freedom
53 politica f politics
54 processo m process
55 mano f hand
56 pensiero m thought
57 piano m surface, level
58 conto m count, bill
59 questione f question
60 azione f action
61 fronte m, f front, forehead
62 elemento m element
63 terra f earth
64 produzione f production
65 Napoli f Naples
66 campo m field
67 ricerca f search
68 relazione f relationship
69 paese m country
70 Francia f France
71 Torino f Turin
72 corpo m body
73 presenza f presence
74 libro m book
75 atto m act
76 famiglia f family
77 testo m text
78 possibilità f possibility
79 fondo m bottom
80 persona f person
81 materia f material, subject
82 corso m course
83 grado m degree
84 luce f light
85 termine m end
86 vista f view
87 cultura f culture
88 necessità f need
89 popolo m people
90 genere m kind
91 chiesa f church
92 funzione f function
93 titolo m title
94 uso m use
95 gruppo m group
96 giudizio m opinion
97 re m king
98 lettera f letter
99 consiglio m advice
100 interesse m interest

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