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Italian Prepositions

What is a preposition? How many times have you come across very short Italian words like di, da and a and you weren’t sure what they were or how to…

Figures of speech by Italian verb

Italian is a very inspired language: they always have the right word or figure of speech to express your ideas. In other words, if you can think of something, then…

Modal Verbs in Italian

What is a modal verb? In this article you’ll learn how to use 4 very important Italian verbs called verbi servili (modal verbs). Just like in English, Italian modal verbs…

The Perfect Tense in Italian

When you want to talk about events in the past, there are 2 main tenses you should learn: the Perfect Tense (passato prossimo) and the Imperfect (imperfetto). The perfect tense in…

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