Italian is a very inspired language: they always have the right word or figure of speech to express your ideas. In other words, if you can think of something, then you can find an Italian idiom to say it!

Whether you are a beginner or you already master some Italian, by learning idioms and figure of speech, you can enhance your knowledge of the language. Most importantly, colloquialisms tend to reflect particular historical and cultural circumstances. This can offer you an overview of Italian culture, as well as of the evolution of the language.

Here you can find a compilation of the most used Italian figures of speech. What are you waiting for? It is time to surprise your friends by starting using the following figures of speech in Italian! In bocca al lupo!




Figures of Speech



Figures of speech


Other Italian figures of speech

Italian has thousands of figures of speech. Although it is impossible to list all of them (also because they tend to change based on the geographical areas), here you can find some more of them that do not use any of the above-mentioned key verbs.

Figures of speech

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