Spanish Words

An Introduction to Spanish

Spanish is an inflected language, meaning that most parts of the sentences can reflect different grammatical categories, such as tense, aspect, mood, and so on. Grammar-wise there are several parts of a sentence in Spanish, but here are the main characteristics for a startup:

  • Verbs are conjugated by tense, aspect, mood, person, and number. This way they indicate who did something and when.
  • Nouns always indicate their number and gender.
  • Adjectives are generally placed after the noun or pronoun they describe, and they also must agree in both gender and number with them.
  • Most adverbs in Spanish are categorized into adverbs of place, manner, time, quantity, and the list goes on. Still, there are many adverbs that derive from adjectives, which we convert by adding the suffix -mente. 
  • The basic sentence structure in Spanish is:


Yo quiero una pizza. (I want a pizza)

Common greetings in Spanish

Spanish Words

Question words in Spanish

Spanish Words

Basic words for conversation in Spanish

Spanish Words

Phrases and words you need to know when travelling to a Hispanic speaking country

Spanish Words



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