Spanish Nouns

We use Nouns to identify people, animals, things, places, feelings or ideas. There are many different types of Nouns in Spanish, but the main ones are Common nouns and Proper nouns.

Proper noun refers to a unique entity, such as people, places, countries, and so on. These nouns in Spanish, as well as in English, are always written with capitals. On the other hand, Common nouns represent people, animals or things but they are not used to name a specific entity, they usually refer to entities that belong to the same group.

Nouns in Spanish

All nouns in Spanish have grammatical gender, they are masculine or feminine namely:

  • Generally, all nouns that end in -o, -ón and -r are masculine.

El perro (The dog)

El niño (The boy)

El auto (The car)

El televisor (The television)

El amor (The love)

El corazón (The heart)

  • Most nouns ending with -a, -ción, –sión, –dad and –tad are feminine.

La playa (The beach)

La bicicleta (The bike)

La casa (The house)

La canción (The song)

La mochila (The backpack)

La edad (The age)

  • The nouns ending in -e or in other consonants can be either masculine or feminine.

El árbol (The tree)

La nube (The cloud)

El juguete (The toy)


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