I love you in ItalianLet’s be honest: “I love you” is best said in Italian. This is the language of love, and you can finally win the heart of your soulmate with a simple “ti amo”.

However, Italians have different ways to express their feelings, depending on the context. If you are speaking with your partner, you can surely say “ti amo”. On the other hand, if you are with your friends or your relatives, you should prefer “ti voglio bene”. They both mean “I love you”, but as you can see, they should be used in different situations to avoid to say something embarrassing by accident!

I love you in Italian

It’s not only about love

Surely “ti amo” is the most common way to declare yourself to the love of your life. However, sometimes, you may need different words to express how you feel about your beloved one.

Se tu non ci fossi dovrei inventarti

I love you in ItalianIf you are fond of an Italian girl or boy, you should go to her or him and say “Se tu non ci fossi dovrei inventarti”. This literally means “If you weren’t real, I’d invent you,”. And it is only one of the ways you can express your love in Italian.

So, if you burn with love for your soulmate, here you can find several ways to express your feelings and be romantic without saying “ti amo”.

I love you in Italian

Let’s learn some vocabulary!

Now that you know how to express your love for someone, you should try to learn some new Italian vocabulary.

I love you in Italian

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