Some people go on holiday to see the sights, some want to try the local food and wine, and then there’s people who go on holiday….to find love, OK, maybe not to find their soulmate, but at least to practice their flirting skills and make some memorable memories abroad. But how do you actually flirt in Italian?

Italy is undoubtedly one of the most romantic destinations in the world, and Italians are very passionate, so if you’re single and looking for love, why not learn some Italian phrases to chat to the locals and learn the well renowned Italian art of flirting?

If this is something you’re planning on doing, or maybe you’ve met someone online from Italy, this article will take you through the basics of how to flirt in Italian.  So don’t worry if the only words you know are ciao, pizza, pasta, and bello! You’re about to learn everything you need to know to successfully flirt with an Italian, stage by stage, from the moment you’re trying to pick someone up in bar, right up to that stage where you’re ready to commit to something more serious.

You can use the following phrases with both men and women, of any age group or social background. These aren’t your typical ‘cheesy’ compliments or questions, instead they’re what Italians would actually say or ask when flirting: this way you’ll sound way more natural and charming.

NOTE. You’ll notice that some of the words have “/a” in the end: this means that you’re talking /referring to a girl/woman. For example, you would say sei bellissimo to a guy, and sei bellissima to a girl. In the same way, you’d say sono italiano if you’re a man, and sono italiana if you’re a woman. So remember, A for feminine, O for masculine.


  • Vuoi qualcosa da bere? Would you like something to drink?
  • Bello il tuo vestito! I really like your dress!
  • Piacere, sono Marco. Posso offrirti da bere? Nice to meet you, I’m Marco. Can I get you anything to drink?
  • Non sono italiano/a. Puoi consigliarmi un buon ristorante qui vicino? I am not Italian, could you recommend a good restaurant nearby?


  • Stai molto bene vestito/a così! You look really good in that outfit.
  • Sei bellissimo/a. You are so beautiful.
  • Sono molto attratto/a da te. I’m very attracted to you.
  • Dammi un bacio. Give me a kiss.
  • Sei speciale. You’re special.
  • Mi fai impazzire. You’re driving me crazy (in a good way).
  • Sono troppo felice di averti conosciuto/a. I’m so happy to have met you.
  • Ti voglio bene. You mean a lot to me.


  • Ti amo. I love you
  • Voglio passare il resto della mia vita con te. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.
  •  Mi vuoi sposare? Will you marry me?
  • Non posso vivere senza di te. I can’t live without you.
  • Sei tutto per me. You’re everything to me.
  • Sono pazzo/a di te. I’m crazy about you.
  • Ti penso continuamente. I think about you all the time.


This is a very important aspect of flirting in Italian, as the two expressions mean very different things, and you don’t want to end up saying the wrong thing when you’re trying to impress someone, do you?

TI AMO (I love you) is what you would say to your girlfriend, boyfriend, fiancé/e or spouse, and it’s something people don’t say very often, because it has a very profound meaning which some want to save for special moments or occasions.

Say you’ve been dating someone for a short period and you’re not ready to say ti amo. Luckily there’s another Italian expression which is perfect in this situation: TI VOGLIO BENE, which still means I love you, but in a different way, more like ‘I really care about you’, ‘you mean a lot to me’, perfect for friends, mothers, brothers, siblings, early days romance etc.

Ti voglio bene is a great start when you have feelings for someone, but you’re not ready to say I love you.

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