As soon as you start chatting with native Italian speakers, you will hear the word comunque a lot. In fact, this is one of the most common Italian conjunctions. These words bring ideas and sentences together, and make conversations smoother and more coherent.

In same cases, comunque requires the subjunctive tense (Comunque tu voglia tornare a casa, io ti seguirò – However you want to go home, I’ll follow you.). Nevertheless, it is also commonly used with the indicative tense, especially in the spoken language.

What does comunque mean?

Although many Italian dictionaries translate this word as “however”, it has different meanings, based on the context of each sentence. Most importantly, do not forget that languages, including Italian, are continually evolving and changing, and new nuances of meaning are often introduced.

Here you can find a comprehensive list of all the meanings of this word, and some examples to help you understand how and when you should use it. On top of that, practice makes perfect, and you will soon master this conjunction and sound like a native speaker!



Meaning 1: Anyway, In any case

  • Non puoi aiutarmi? Grazie comunque. (You cannot help me? Thanks anyway.)
  • Sarà difficile bere meno caffè. Comunque, ci proverò. (It will be hard to drink less coffee. In any case, I’ll try.)


Meaning 2: But still, Nevertheless

  • Non ci siamo divertiti. Comunque poteva andare peggio. (We didn’t have fun but still, things could be worse.)
  • Sono contento tu sia venuto. Comunque potevi avvisarmi. (I’m glad you’re here. Nevertheless, you could have told me.)


Meaning 3: However, No matter how

  • Comunque vada, sarà un successo. (However it goes, it will be a success).


Meaning 4: Anyhow

  • Non sono affari tuoi, comunque. (It isn’t any of your business, anyhow.)


Meaning 5: Either way

  • Non importa, non volevo comprarlo comunque. (It doesn’t matter, I didn’t want to buy it either way.)


Meaning 6: Besides

  • Non vogliamo uscire. E comunque, piove. (We don’t want to o out. Besides, it’s raining.)

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