Just like Italian filler words, Italian exclamations are an essential part of spoken Italian. They are used to express a wide range of emotions, from happiness to disappointment. They often emphasise an idea or an opinion. Most importantly, sometimes, a simple word can summarise a whole concept or phrase.

Italian exclamations (or interjections) often come from regional dialects, and their use can vary from region to region. If your goal is to become fluent, especially in your conversational skills, it’s very important that you familiarise with these words, as you’d be hearing them a lot if you spent time around Italians!

If you have any Italian friends, you may already be familiar with these exclamations. Using them will make you sound more natural and closer to the way a native Italian would talk.

Are you ready to speak like a real Italian? If so, let’s learn how to convey a feeling, an idea or a whole sentence, just by saying a very short word!


An exquisitely Italian exclamation: meno male!

This expression is used when you want to express relief about you a bad situation or event that has been avoided, in other words, it’s like saying ‘Thank goodness’.

“Sono andato in macchina fino a Milano, ma non c’era traffico!” (“I drove to Milan, but there was no traffic at all!”)

“Meno male!”  (“Thank goodness!”)

Let’s have a look at some examples!

  • “Non sei ancora pronto? Dai!“ (You’re not ready yet? C’mon!)
  • “Cosa dovremmo fare questa sera?” “Boh!” (“What should we do tonight?“ “I don’t know!“)
  • “Non abbiamo ancora finito. Torneremo a casa fra 40 minuti.” “Uffa!” (“We’re not done yet. We’ll come home in 40 minutes.“ “Oh no!“)
  • “Allora, pensi che la tua squadra vincerà la partita?” “Figurati!” (“So, do you think your team is going to win this match?” “Absolutely not!”)
  • “Dunque, cosa ne pensi di questo problema?” “Bah!” (“So, what do you think about this issue?” “Meh!”)

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